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Advertise with us and save!

Modify this page as it suites your needs. Place your conditions and advertising prices for potential clients. The advertisement content on this board can accept up to 10 pages (5 pages per left and right side bars). Pages are placed automatically via admin page. Each page can be designed as a rotator (plenty of ASP ad rotators can be found on internet). See manual for more details.....

Banners Rotator

Place conditions and prices for standard 468x60 banner campaign rotation. The form below (seen when user logged) is used to submit preliminary banner advertisement request by potential clients. You may set a fixed prices and use links to your merchant for submitting payments or instruct users to pay in Email after banner submission. The preset link to invoice payment via PayPal is seen when user logged on just below horisontal line.

To apply for banner advertisement campaign, please create a user account. If you already have an account with us, please logon first.

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